1. Mario Recuero

    I would love to see an option to make the ticker tape display time driven, i.e. that you can schedule to be active only when the markets are open.

    • Hi Mario,

      That feature is on our roadmap. It’s a little too early to tell if it will make v3.0 or not. There are some ‘must have’ features that we are still working on.

  2. prashant singhal

    It seems that we are developing this apps solely as desktop version for Yahoo finance. If we could add ability to add functionality to manually draw support and trend lines and able to preserve them then it will really add value. since if i do my analysis and draw support lines then i would not like to loose the as soon as i close the apps.


  3. Fred

    Is there an expected release date for 3.0. Looks like a great product. If I buy the version on the app store now will I get a free upgrade to 3.0?

    • Hi Fred,

      We do not have a set release date for v3. When it meets our expectations we will release it.

      All existing v2 Pro users will get v3 as a free update.

  4. Jim

    Have you thought of adding RSI, MACD to the Customize panel? This would be helpful from a technical viewpoint of strength/weakness in a stocks present trading range.
    I really like what you have in the present Stock+Pro version 2.4.1 I’m using and what I see coming in V3 should be huge.
    Thanks for your great work on this product!

    • Hi Jim,

      We are adding RSI (Wilder Smoothing) and MACD indicators to v3.0 graphs. We will most likely add in RSI exponential smoothing because some of the well known finance websites (e.g. Yahoo Finance) use that instead of the Wilder method.

      • Matteo

        I’m really looking forward to this new big update!

        I second the already stated requests and I’d also like to see the “Slow stochastics” indicator for technical analysis 🙂

        Lastly I would like to set the ticker for just one or two of my favorite stocks instead of all. Could it be possible to set that option?

        Thanks anyway, keep up the good work! 😉

  5. Josh

    Hi Andrew,

    Will V3 be able to Sync with the iPhone app? Being able to sync stocks I am interested in to the app would make things much easier. I tend to forget to add them to the app when I am on the go


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