1. Jason Shurb

    Please look out for our Troops overseas and include the USAA API for Brokerage syncing, they have invented most of the technologies used in modern banking (deposit by scan, deposit by UPS store, deposit by iPhone, first with Apple Pay). They have a huge tech department looking to deploy the latest in technology that can work with you in any problems you have connecting with their system.

    • Thank you for your service. We are supporting OFX downloads/imports which is a popular format used by over 4,000 banks and investment companies around the world. One of the challenges that we foresee is that often times, financial institutes will arbitrarily limit the amount of transaction history that can be downloaded to a couple of months to a few years. So while OFX will be nice for keeping an account up-to-date, we will likely need to develop a CSV importer to handle initial account setup within the app.

  2. Frank Miller

    What would be REALLY great would be to have a “notes” column vs. the text area at the bottom of the “Details” sidebar.

  3. Neil Rowlands

    Hey folks,

    Great app, and loving how simple and powerful v3 is. As an international customer can I make a feature request to include the ability to search by universal ISIN codes please?

    With many thanks.

    • The app does not handle banking, such as Savings and Checking accounts. Indian stocks and funds covered by Yahoo or Google Finance are also covered by the app.

  4. Mark

    I love the app, and v4 looks better, but I have a problem with v3. Will there be any more bug fixes on V3 while V4 is in the works? I bought V3, but can’t use for my purposes due to a bug introduced in February. I’d take a working v4 as a fix, though I’d be disappointed to have to pay even for upgrade after having bought v3 and having it be useless for me.

  5. Owen

    Hi Can you give a time estimate for when V.4 will be available?
    Can you give any information about the multiple portfolios functionality – can portfolios be ‘copied’ so that different holdings (ie no. of shares) in the same stocks can be repeated with ease / without rekeying as much data as possible?

    Is there a beta test program for v.4?

    • We don’t try and guess when software will be ready. It’ll be available when it meets our expectations.

      In regards to duplicating portfolios, we have not finalized the feature set for v4.0 but if something does not make v4.0 it will likely be seen in a v4.x release.

      Yes, there will be a beta test program available. We will make a separate announcement when that test pool opens.

  6. Julian

    Will there be a companion iOS app for the iPad and iPhone similar to what used to be the case with Portfolio Mobile that synced from mac to iPhone/iPad?

    many thanks

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